What Types of thermometers is the Most Accurate

Digital Electronic Pacifier Thermometer

Digital electronic pacifier thermometers are used to determine the mouth temperature of young children. Use another method to confirm the fever. Turn on the thermometer and place it in the baby’s mouth to wait for the signal. Using a digital pacifier thermometer above 37.5 ° C (99.5 F), the temperature rises.

Temperature Strip

The use of liquid crystal strips on the baby’s forehead is not an accurate way to measure the baby’s temperature. Use another method to detect fever.

To Touch

Touching a child’s forehead is not a reliable way to detect a fever. The child must have a very high fever in order to have a fever confirmed this way. Always use the methods described above for accurate measurements.

Armpit Temperature

The baby is lying on its back and the thermometer is placed next to it. To find out the armpit temperature, your child should be able to hold his arm without moving for 4 to 5 minutes.

Hold your baby while the thermometer is inside.

Place the glass thermometer in the anus for 2 minutes. Keep the digital thermometer in the anus until you get the signal to take it off [usually one or more beeps]. Read the temperature. If you are using a glass thermometer, you may need to turn the thermometer until you see the end of the line. Turn off the thermometer and rinse the tip with lukewarm water [should not be too hot], wash with soap, and dry thoroughly after rinsing with alcohol.

If you are using a glass thermometer, hold it from the top and shake it until the line goes below 37.2 ° C (99 ° F). If you are using a digital thermometer, turn it on.

Place the thermometer next to your baby. The silver part of it should touch the skin.

Hold the top of the thermometer with one hand and the baby’s arm with the other.

If you are using a glass thermometer, wait 4 to 5 minutes before removing the thermometer. Do not remove the digital thermometer unless you are prompted to do so [usually one or more beeps].

Turn off the thermometer and rinse its tip with lukewarm water [should not be too hot] and wash with soap and dry thoroughly after cleaning with alcohol.

Temperature is higher than 37.3 ° C (99.1 ° F) armpit

Ear Procedure Using A Drum Thermometer

The use of medical thermometers is not recommended for children under one year of age. This thermometer uses infrared to take the temperature inside the baby’s eardrum. Always clean it thoroughly before use, and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Gently pull the ear up and back. Doing so will straighten the ear canal, and pave the way from ear to eardrum.
  • Gently insert the thermometer, until the call duct is completely closed.
  • Press and hold the button for a second.
  • Take off the thermometer and read the temperature.
  • Fever is higher than. 38.0 ° C (100.4 ° F)
  • Call your doctor or healthcare provider if your child:
  • Has a fever and is less than 6 months old.
  • Have a fever for more than 72 hours [three days].
  • Feeling very irritable and irritable.
  • Be drowsy and show no reaction.
  • Wheezing or coughing with breathing, fever, and rash or unusual symptoms.

Important Points:

  • It is not enough to just touch the baby’s forehead to find out if the baby has a fever.
  • The best way to measure a baby’s temperature depends on his or her age.
  • Always wash the thermometer before and after taking the temperature.
  • Call your doctor if your child has a high fever, or if your child has had a fever for the past three days, or if your child has a fever and is less than 6 months old.
  • Do not use a mercury thermometer in the glass.

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