Amazon can be money making machine

Amazon can be money making machine…
Amazon is the largest online market place and expected to have 1$ trillion net worth. Amazon started business as selling second hand books but now it does business with almost everyone and throughout the world. The company also produces TV shows and movies through Amazon Studios and it has shares in grocery. Amazon is the owner of many renowned website such as IMBD, Audible, Goodreads, and, Zappos and many others too.
Business with Amazon
There are many ways to do business with or earning income through amazon. You can become seller and start selling your products under amazon label or your own. There is huge stream of money running down as affiliate marketing with amazon as well.

How can you sell products on Amazon?
In order to sell products you have to register yourself with amazon, the requirements that you need are,
Business information
Legal name of business, email address, house address and contact details.
Credit card
Your card should be acceptable on international level and have authentic billing address.
Phone number
This can be different than the business contact, through this number amazon verify your account.
Tax details
You ask for tax number and social security number.
The process of registration with amazon
Go to
Click on the “becoming a seller”
You have Choose between and individual or professional seller account
The only purpose of choosing this option how much quantity of products are going to sell. If you are expected to sell more than 40 products on regular bases not occasionally then select professional and contrary to this select individual.
Then enter your email and select “Create a New Account”
When you enter your details then click on Next Button it will take you next step where you would be asked to enter one time password for amazon which will be sent to you through the email you have provided and on same time it verify your account.
Next steps are generic nature you will ask to provide information about your
Business type and location.
Personal information.
You will ask to select you market.
Billing information.
Information about your product.
And in last address verification.
Affiliate marking through amazon.
Affiliate marketing is the great way to earn income and as side business it can generate 4 figure income. If you are content writer and write post for web sites and blogs this is the great opportunity for you. You can also create you on web site to promote affiliate marketing.
If you have blog related to beauty and health you can promote their products like makeups, gym equipment and bodybuilding supplements. All you have to post the link on the blog and get commission on per sale of unit.
There is procedure to get the affiliate link on amazon
Go to amazon affiliate area for link. There you will have to follow few basic steps and then you can have your affiliate link. In the end of the process you will have to give bank details and get gift card from amazon.
You can also make money by product listing on amazon
There is link you can follow for instruction

How to List Products on Amazon: Complete Guide for FBA Sellers

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